Friday, March 25, 2005

PSP thoughts, DS magazine

Okay first off the PSP hit the market yesterday. I didn't get one personally because of the price, value pak stuff that I didn't want or need, and the fact that only one game stood out as something I would play (Untold Legends). After looking at them yesterday for a bit, I will say they are really sexy handhelds. I have watched Lumines being played and it looks cool (I'm a puzzle game junkie), as does the fore mentioned Untold Legends. I just can't bring myself to pay $250 for a handheld gaming system, considering I didn't get an Xbox till they were $200, and a PS2 until they were $150.

I guess maybe it boils down to I'm not a big early adopter in the console arena, the original PlayStation, Nintendo Gamecube, and the DS are the only units I've ever bought at launch. I'll probably pick up a PSP when one of the following conditions is met, I find a used one for ~$200, Sony drops the value pak and sells the unit by itself, or some awsome game is announced that I just have to play. Out of those I'm guessing the first will be met sooner than the other two, I don't look for a unit only solution until Christmas time.

On another note I found a site ( where the guy puts out a DS magazine (in .pdf format). He just put up issue #2, and I've read through it and enjoyed it. He reviews about 7 games, including imports so take a look.

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