Thursday, March 09, 2006

Big releases for the 360, more DS Radio, and YADLC...

Well this was a big week for Xbox 360 releases College Hoops 2k6, Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter, and Burnout Revenge all made an appearance this week. I picked up Burnout Revenge, and I decided to try out Full Auto also even though the reviews have been mixed. So far I've played more Full Auto, but since it's only "rented" I don't have as long to play it as I will Burnout. It really is basically Burnout with weapons, and destructable environments. It looks gorgeous though in HD, and is a lot of fun in single player mode. I will post more about Burnout when I get a chance to play it a bit more.

The guys over at Dualscreenradio have put up another show in .mp3 format, that brings us up to episode 4.

The Yet Another DS Lite Comparison is this video that is a nice hands on comparing the DS Lite, and old DS (now referred to as the phat DS).

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