Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Happy Birthday! Video invades the 360, it's almost black Friday and Wii envy.

Happy Birthday Xbox 360! Do you remember where you were this day last year? Were you at home playing that shiny new 360? The retail 360 turns 1 today do you still have any of the launch titles left in your collection? I still own Call of Duty 2, and Kameo from launch. Oh yeah it's my Birthday too, but I'm a little older. :)

The new Movie/TV content is officially live on the marketplace now, read today's press release. This outlines the pricing for the content as follows (with price conversions):

  • HD TV episodes 240 mpp = $3.00
  • SD TV episodes 160 mpp = $2.00
  • HD movies (new release) 480 mpp = $6.00
  • SD movies (new release) 320 mpp = $4.00
  • HD movies (classic) 360 mpp = $4.50
  • SD movies (classic) 240 mpp = $3.00
If you purchase an HD movie you can download the SD version at no additional point cost (Why you would want too, I have no idea!?) Come on MS where is the larger HD announcement?

Black Friday is only day's away are you ready? Check out all the upcoming ads at and plan your early morning adventures, looks to be a lot of PC/Laptop/HDTV specials this year. A notable item is will supposedly have 1,000 core Xbox 360 consoles available at 11:00 AM PST (1:00 PM CENTRAL) for $100.00.

I'm trying to figure out how to get enough stuff traded in to pick up a Wii on Friday. I've read numerous forum post detailing the glee of ownership, of course I've also read accounts of flying Wiimote missiles shattering laptop screens.

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