Monday, February 19, 2007

New 360's coming, and TV reloaded.

There were some forum post last weekend saying that GameCrazy had a new 360 sku in their systems releasing May 1 for $479.99. The follow-up messages fell on both sides of the fence with some people getting their local GC to acknowledge the sku, and others reporting no such item exist in the system. According to the thread a couple days later the new sku was no longer in the system.

Well GameInformer picked up on the news Saturday where they state "retailers have confirmed the new sku is in their systems" (hmmm. inside source from GameStop maybe...). I haven't checked with the local GS/EB stores to see if its listed or not yet, but you know it had to be coming. The main differences in the system? It has an HDMI interface, black exterior, and a 120 GB hard drive for $80 more than the premium system (although rumors of a price drop persist). I could care less about the HDMI port, but they better sell the 120 GB drive separately (for a decent price).

LOST came back a couple weeks ago, and sucked me right back in. Although I hear producers were unhappy with the split season formula (show 6 episodes then nothing for 3 months, then the 16 remaining) this year, so maybe it won't happen again next year.
Jericho starts back up this week (yay!), as did the new season of Amazing Race last night. I've said it before but I'm not a big fan of the reality 'all-star' shows if I like the show I'd rather see new contestants than people I've already seen, no matter how funny/cute/pathetic they were. AR had some really weird picks for all-stars also, 2 teams from the very last race, people from seasons 1 and 3 that I don't even recall, Romber (I swear CBS put them under contract 2 Survivors, 2 Races, and their wedding...), and one 'hodge-podge' team made up of opponents from season 9 (Eric & Danielle who are now dating). I'll watch but that doesn't mean I have to enjoy it, and at this point I guess I'll root for Kentucky (although best t-shirt goes to Mary 'Team Kentucky' for her "Missing - the Cho Brothers" sported on the first leg) since Uchenna & Joyce have already won.

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