Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween! and more.

Happy Halloween!

Well it's about that time getting ready to take my daughter, and niece out trick-or-treating. Kind of weird since the time hasn't changed yet (you didn't reset your clocks yet, right?), here it is almost 7pm and not dark outside yet.

Tried out some of the Halo 3 Halloween multi-player this afternoon, Bungie added a special "Living Dead" playlist for today online, based off the Infection game type. It was pretty cool seeing a whole group of black Spartans rushing the base, although the games didn't last very long.

My "new-refurb" 360 seems to be working fine, I've ran some games through it, and a couple of HD DVDs. I don't think it's as loud as my old machine, but it may just be that I hadn't had one for 3 weeks so I forgot what it sounded like. I don't remember if I mentioned it or not, but I picked up one of the new "Arcade Compilation" disc at Gamestop. Someone bought the new Arcade pack and traded in the disc because they didn't want it, so score for me!

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