Sunday, April 20, 2008

3 states 10 hours, redbox envy, and my nerd mecca...

Well since 5:30am this morning I've started in Kansas, went all the way through Oklahoma, and ended up in Houston, TX. Looking forward to hitting Arkansas, and Missouri tomorrow. :)

This is how 7-11 competes against McDonalds redbox accross the street in Oklahoma, I guess if people are saving that .01 they're happy?

My nerd mecca visited again...

Hit the one on the outskirts of Houston (not the same one from last trip) and it actually has a 'theme' like the one in California (the 50's sci-fi store), this one was an 'oil well' complete with oil derricks and working pumps inside. Snagged a copy of Untold Legends for my PS3 on clearence, unfortunately was dissapointed by the HD DVD 'sale' prices, and utter lack of cheap Blu-ray discs.

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