Monday, May 26, 2008

Indiana Jones, remember him? PSP God early, Blue inbound, and no chalupa this time.

Well I saw the new Indiana Jones movie last week, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (from now on to be referred to as Indiana meets E.T.). Just kidding... sort of.

I had read some early 'reviews' of the movie that didn't delve into the story too much, so no spoilers, but they both pointed out the same overtones. Evidently George Lucas (one of the writers) always had this notion to mix Indiana Jones with buddy Steven Spielberg's Close Encounters and this is the 'fruits' of that. My issues aren't really with the story though, it seems plausible that Jones could have some interaction with an alien life form after all he treks all over looking for artifacts from lost civilizations. If we learned anything from Stargate, it was that beings from distant galaxies were here a long, long time ago and ancient Egyptians worshiped them (duh). My gripes come from the special effects teams, when I'm 'into' a movie anything fake or unrealistic will pull me right out of it. Unfortunately this happens a couple of times in IJatKotCS even before the effects blow out at the end of the movie. One scene that pans out from a graveyard overview that is so easily distinguished as a miniature, and the jungle chase scene which is so CG heavy that it looked unrealistic in parts. Don't think about the fact that Harrison Ford is getting a little too old to play the action hero, or that they try to write Shia LeBeouf in as a surrogate, or that it's been 19 years since the last movie. :(

I'm going to give this **1/2 out of ****. I remember liking Raiders, Last Crusade, and Temple of Doom (in that order) and would probably put this one even with Temple until at least I can re-watch Temple (seeing as it's been 20 years since I've seen it) and figure out why Short Round bothered me so much.

The new God of War Chains of Olympus PSP bundles are supposed to hit stores on June 3rd, 2008, but there have been rumblings on the Internet today that Wal-Mart is selling them early. While perusing PSP news I also see that SCEA announced a Madden 09 Entertainment Pack last week. This awesome slim 'metallic blue' set includes the system, Madden NFL 09, NFL: In Just One Play UMD video, a voucher to download Beats, and a 1GB memory stick. The best part being there is no silhouette of John Maddens head on the back of the unit! (Yay!) In all seriousness this looks to be an excellent value bundle ($170 PSP+$40 Madden+$20 NFL UMD (based off the DVD price)+$5 Beats+$15 1GB=$250 value) for everything you get.

Object of desire

I still own an original (fully functioning) PSP so I haven't been able to persuade myself that I need this... yet. The Skype feature only available on the 'slim' models doesn't sway me, but the upcoming GPS unit may be 'slim' only compatible would be a consideration.

I've got more vacation days to use up, so taking some days this week to go back to Branson with my daughter, and parents. I don't think I blogged it when I got back, but we came back up through Branson after the Houston trip (see post from a month ago) everything was fine until a bad decision (fast food restaurant at 11pm), a chicken bacon ranch chalupa (the smoking gun), and some kind of bug (Salmonella?) collided to make me sicker than I've ever been before. Needless to say we cut that trip short and came back early so I could feel like death warmed over for a couple days. I'm happy to say I've been Taco Bell Hell free for a little over a month and have no regrets.

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