Friday, June 27, 2008

360 license renewed, and my crystal ball shows a price drop.

Xbox finally released a DRM Fix for the 360 consoles. If you had a console die, and replaced it (either through MS or just bought another one) you found that any content you had downloaded (paid for arcade titles, themes, movies, tv shows, etc.) were tied to the original 360, and if you weren't logged into LIVE you couldn't access them from the new 360. Arcade games for example, my daughter used to be able to log into her gamertag (not LIVE enabled) and play any of the arcade titles I had downloaded on my original box, on the new one they show up as trial versions. I had called customer service 3 times in the span of a month after getting my refurbished unit, got 3 different 'fixes' none of which worked. Now, 8 months later I can finally redo my 'drm' licenses through the web. You can only perform this transfer once every 12 months so use it wisely.

In a forum post at highdefdigest someone posted scans of the July 6th K-Mart circular showing the 360 Pro at the new low price of $299.99. Price drop in our future, perhaps. It wouldn't be the first time a price drop was announced with a early leaked ad. The Elite, and Arcade models aren't pictured can we assume a drop on these as well? Will they be $50 off also, or I'm guessing $30 on the Arcade which puts it level with a $249.99 Wii system.

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