Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Off the road again.

Had about a week to recoup from my last road trip now, and everything is pretty much back to normal, I think I've decompressed sufficiently. I already knew it was a bad idea, but 1100 mile road trips (Kansas to Utah) with family are a bad idea. :( I think my boss stated it pretty good, the first 2-3 hours are okay you have something to talk about, everyone's cordial, and getting along after that who knows?

It wasn't all bad the first night we stopped in Hays, KS. found they didn't have any rooms so we drove on to Wakeeney. The second day we made it to Rawlins, Wyoming (which in my mind was probably the high point). Rawlins is home to the Wyoming Frontier Prison, which we toured the next morning. The prison has a interesting history, and I found they had made a horror/thiller movie there Prison in 1988. I've been looking for a copy ever since we left, and it's never been put on DVD here (the guide informed us that the movie pretty much tanked), so I'm going to have to import a copy from Europe to see it. The third day we finally made it to Ogden, Utah. Notes of interest the first leg, Wyoming is a very desolate place, Kansas may be flat but at least there are fields, plains, trees, a varied color palate. Wyoming is brown, sure every once in a while there will be a mountain hill range, but that's about it. It does however "green" up a little the closer you get to the Utah boarder. We entered Utah through the Wasatch Cache National Forest so it was scenic, but only a 2 lane windy road up, over, and through the mountains. We spent three days there before turning around and heading back home, which by the end of the week I was ready for.

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