Thursday, March 25, 2010

New DS inbound???

The web was buzzing early Tuesday morning with the news that a new DS was coming. Nintendo Japan released a press release Tuesday around 3 a.m. our time stating specifically that the Nintendo 3DS (a temporary name) would be out sometime before March 2011, include 3D games (without special glasses!), and would be backwards compatible with all DS/DSi games.
Now, if the PDF wasn't posted on the website I would call bullsh*t. This seems like an incredibly stupid move considering the DSi-XL is supposed to launch (in the U.S.) this coming Sunday, way to cannibalize sales there big N. All is supposed to be revealed at E3 in June, already have my pass so hopefully it will be cool!

The items from the press release are all we know to be fact, but the internet has dug around and come up with all sorts of other tidbits (unknown validity at this point). Screens are supposed to be 4", this would make it larger than the DSi, but smaller than the DSi-XL. The screens supposedly have no bezel around them so when open it could work as one big screen, or the two independent DS screens just like normal. Rumors also abound that the system will have a more powerful processor, a new graphics chip (making it on par with a GameCube in power), an accelerometer (tilt control), and built-in rumble (the only thing I miss my GBA slot for).

The 3D without glasses is the most interesting caveat (and we know it's true) although most agree it will be special screens, there is a video (below) that shows a DSiWare hidden object game that's out in Japan already that looks pretty good considering it doesn't require any special hardware. The DSiWare game uses the camera to track you head movement, and changes the view accordingly so you can peer behind/above/below objects.

Went to see the Wichita Troll today. Someone told a friend about it a week or so ago, and he wanted to see it for himself, so we found him today. I wonder what he did to get chained up? :(

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