Thursday, May 19, 2005


Well it's Thursday, second day of E3. My feet hurt. :( Been in town since Tuesday, and L.A. is so wild. I've seen two bands play live Alaska! and AudioSlave, went the wrong way on the subway at least 3 times (but 1 wasn't my fault).

As for the show it's huge just like last year, swag seems to be at a minimum (sorry Jason) but I'm still looking. I've played some DS games Animal Crossing, and Nintendogs are going to rock. I haven't gotten the urge up yet to wait in the 2 hour Zelda line, although I've waited in line for 30 minutes for a shirt (You've got to have your priorities straight!). OMG the GBA micro is sooooo small I've taken some pictures, but probably won't post until I'm back.

Well off to do some actual playing this afternoon, more later.

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