Sunday, May 22, 2005

Ahh... home at last.

Well its over another 3 days of video game excess are history. About half way through Friday is when it hit me, I was at the point of overload. I didn't feel like waiting in line, or pushing through a crowd, but I stayed with it and finished out the day. I did get to the point though where I was trying to judge if my time spent in line was worth the "swag" in the end. Glad I didn't wait 2 1/2+ hours in the Zelda line as they were out of the shirts on the last day anyway. It seemed like a mix this year I think my swag level was about the same but was more spread out over the three days. I won a mouse (thanks Logitech!) and for the second year never won anything at the Nvidia booth. :(

I'm still pissed about how much better "Media" attendees get treated at the various booths. They can print/show all the hype you want to build up your product, but in the end it's the drones at the retail level that are going to be pushing people to your game. On another note if "Absolutely NO ONE under 18 will be admitted" was true then why are there UNDERAGE badge holders?? I saw alot more kids this year than last year.

Okay enough hate, where's the love?

I did like the way the Xbox 360 controller felt in my hand, it was very comfortable.

I enjoyed Virtua Tennis (PSP), Trauma Center (DS), Lost in Blue (DS), Top Spin (360), Ultimate Spiderman (Xbox), and Alan Wake (PC) wasn't playable but this game is gorgeous.

Things that I need more time with (meaning I wasn't overly thrilled with the game, or it just seemed like more of the same) Burnout Legends (PSP), Condemned (360), and Coded Arms (PSP).

The what were they thinking award goes to the GBA Micro... I guess if they find a niche market it will do okay (I'm thinking kids, or people with small hands.). The one I played with had an RPG in it and the text was so small. The screen is nice and sharp but man I couldn't imagine watching it for long periods of time.

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