Sunday, February 12, 2006

360 Graphics overload... and #%!@ E3!

Well this has been quite a weekend for Xbox 360 news, first a developer put up a PC<->360 comparison video for Far Cry he said...
Hey Guys,

Want to see how the 360 version looks like ?
Look at this short video :

It is suppose to be "internal use only" but I guess it's not a big deal to release it.
We made it to benchmark our version versus the PC one (with all the settings at the maximum).

The link he posted has died already, but you can find the video here or here. Check out the water, simply amazing!

Hot on the heels of that, EA released some in-game footage of Battlefield 360 that is awesome as well.

There is also supposed to be a Nintey Nine Nights demo released on the LIVE Marketplace around March 1st in Japan. Of course you should already have your LIVE Silver accounts set up for Japan, and Europe exclusive content shouldn't you?

On a sad note I just got my admission denial back from E3 2006. :(

They screwed the retail sector this year by distributing "buyer's passes" to each corporation (I'm assuming GameStop, Best Buy, Wal-Mart, Target, etc...) that the home office people are to give out at their discretion. (So... Miklotov if your reading this I really need some help! :) I will try to pursue some other avenues, and hopefully come up with something.

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