Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Doodah, Texas, and a order of Fry's...

Back in Doodah since my 3 day trek to Houston (Dad had a check-up) Texas. I had to help drive because they get tired, and on the way back Dad doesn't feel like driving. It's a pretty grueling 1 day jaunt at about ~12 hours including 2-3 stops, and from Sunday till yesterday was pretty much overcast the entire trip. It only rained on us yesterday going around Dallas, and then coming through OKC.

Saw the coolest billboard heading into OKC, picture of Cartoon Networks Eddy from Ed, Ed, and Eddy I think, and simply had the caption "I Pooted", it made me laugh. I also seen a McDonald's that the exterior of the playplace was shaped like a Happy Meal, and the corners of the building were french fry boxes, although I can't remember where we passed it. Houston was cool, pretty much what I recalled from the last trip down there. The view from the medical center was neat (even overcast) you could see planes coming in to the airport, and the Astrodome too. My PSP got a workout as I played a lot of Puzzle Quest on the road, and surfed the net while stuck in the medical center (I love free wi-fi).

Probably the highlight of my time in Houston was the stop by Fry's there. I've been to one before in California (E3 2005) that was really cool with the interior/exterior paying homage to 50's Sci-Fi movies. I probably mentioned it then too, but Fry's is like 5 Best Buy's, and a Radio Shack all under one roof. This place is huge. We stopped on the way out of town and I picked up a couple HD DVDs, and some PC fan power wires that I couldn't find here in town the last week or so. I really wish we could get one here, or even K.C. it would be worth driving to once a month.

Oh and if you watched Heroes Monday night, Yay! it rocked. If you didn't, why not?

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