Monday, April 09, 2007

Uneasy Wii feelings, spring dashboard update, and more!

As I mentioned last time, I put my Wii (system you pervs) up on eBay and sold it last weekend. I sent the package via UPS at a UPS store Saturday morning. The problem is that the tracking number I got comes back with an 'unable to locate package' on the tracking site. :( I figured Saturday might have been too early (maybe it didn't even go to the UPS facility yet) but it's still not showing now (noon on Monday) so I'm off to bitch at the store clerk.

Gamespot let it slip last week with a video which was removed fairly quickly, but Microsoft confirmed all of the new features coming with the spring 360 dashboard update. Since messaging is a big part of this, they also announced a controller keyboard add-on that is supposed to go on sale this summer.

The most notable things to me are the achievement notice (it now tells you the achievement name, and value when unlocked), the marketplace getting it's own dash blade, telling you what disc is in the tray, and the updated video codecs for streaming from the PC.

I saw Shooter last week, first movie I've been to in a while. Although it reminded me a lot of Most Wanted starring Kennen Ivory Wayans (don't know why haven't seen it in years) I enjoyed it. Seemed like they used a lot of blood squibs in this movie (which I have nothing against), but coupled with The Departed there seems to be a lot more of the 'blood spurting' gunshot wounds in movies now. Right now I plan to catch Perfect Stranger, and Grindhouse this week so hopefully all goes well. Were less than a month away from the 'Summer' blockbuster tidal wave starting May 4Th with Spiderman 3!

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