Saturday, March 31, 2007

C&C rox! IV is coming, and rewards inbound.

I picked up Command & Conquer 3 because I knew I would play it on my new system. When I got the package I was actually shocked that the minimum requirements were so low, as I remember Generals requiring a beefy system when it was released. I decided to try the demo since it looked like it should run on my current system, and it does. :) My graphic settings are low/medium but the tutorial and 3 skirmish games I've played have ran okay. I'm really enjoying it, makes me want the new system even more, because I know it will look even better.

Rockstar has released the first trailer for IV what will be GTA IV. The website has regular, and HD versions down loadable, and they just put the trailer up on LIVE yesterday, check it out.

Next Gen Fight has put up a next gen cost calculator, even my price additions the other day were skewed because I didn't add in the cost of HD cables on the Sony PS3 side. I think its unfair to have the 20GB PS3 in the listings because you can't find one new, but it does show that it's a lot closer price point wise.

Last but not least, the Xbox Rewards challenge has posted the rewards. If you successfully completed the challenge log in and go to My Rewards you will have codes listed for your challenge level to redeem on LIVE. Picked up my Contra arcade game, and my Old Spice gamerpic last night.

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