Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Update-a-thon v1.0...

What's new? Lets see since my last posting I took a weekend break and went to Branson. My daughter was on Spring Break, but doesn't like to go with Grandma & Grandpa by herself because no one will ride with her at Silver Dollar City.

Friday (1st mistake), + Spring Break (2nd mistake) was terrible. I think we rode each ride once, and got stalled at three different ones because they were adding additional cars/trains (they didn't know they were going to be busy...). SDC has a new ride, The Giant Swing opening the first week of April. Check out the mock video in the link, looks like it will be pretty cool.

The rest of the weekend was okay, we ate at FuddRucker's one afternoon and the new Joe's Crab Shack one evening. I have ate at Joe's before in Galveston, TX and remember it being much better, maybe I should have went with crab (duh?) instead of shrimp. The food was good, but didn't seem worth what I paid for it. Since my trip to Denver, and this outing to Branson I have found that I really like free wireless access in the hotel.

My PSP got a work out this weekend from watching some TV shows on the way down, playing Luxor : Wrath of Set (a lot, I really like this game (note to self: really need to pick up Magnetica for the DS but not at $30)), to surfing my favorite sites at the hotel. It also allowed me to download the current Legendary Thread, and 1UpYours podcast which I listened to on the way back. I don't remember mentioning it last time, but the DS web browser is finally getting a US release supposedly in June. Now web browsing on the PSP (while a neat feature) is not overly practical but it works okay. The biggest advantage to the DS would be if it brings up a 'touch screen' keyboard for text input, but you will lose the ability to download music/pictures/video and play them back like on the PSP.

It seems as though the black 'Elite' 360 is indeed headed to a retailer near you, Xbox360fanboy posted some candid shots from a Chinese factory that were posted on a Chinese video game BBS. I don't know of anyone taking reserves for the systems yet, but if the early May release date holds (I read somewhere about a Microsoft announcement coming Wed, but now can't find it, where the Elite is to be announced). Unless there is some hidden goodies (other than color/hd size/HDMI) that we don't know about I won't be upgrading. I'll wait till I come across a used 120GB hd and then pick it up.

My computer components are still sitting in the corner mocking me. Command & Conquer 3 comes out today, and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. hit the shelves last week. I have come to the conclusion that to raise money for my stinking ram I'm going to put my Wii (console you sickos) on eBay. I don't play it, or much else for that matter (WoW the only game you need) and you know its inevitable big N will announce new colors, or functionality in Wii 1.1. I might pick up another one then, I might not depends if the games get any better. I've got some other stuff to put up too so hopefully I'll get enough to cover the ram, and maybe some other non-priority addons.

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