Friday, March 16, 2007

Halo 3 box nudies with sticker shock, more noir 360 steam, and Commodore ressurection.

Xboxygen got a hold of some supposed Halo 3 box art with some nice shots of legendary box, and the collector's tin. The legendary box looks pretty neat, but the collector's tin looks like the same packaging as the Prey collector's set which wasn't well liked (the rubber 'hub' that the DVD was sitting on left something to be desired).

On top of these shots there is more info flowing about the different editions, and their contents. The biggest shocker was the price hike on the legendary to $129.99 while the regular ($60), and CE ($70) held fast at the previous price point. Another puzzling point is the CE while having 2 disc in common with the legendary comes with an art book that is not included in the legendary edition, so anyone going to spend $200 to get everything? A couple of sources supposedly also spilled the beans that Halo 3 will see release in September to beat the holiday rush, not like it will have any problem steamrolling right on through.

The newest Game Informer (April 2007) has a article about the 'rumored' new 360, you know Black, 120GB, HDMI that we've heard of before. I haven't seen the issue yet so I don't know if it has any new info, but Internet rumblings still point to $480 May 1st release. On top of that there are some new rumblings saying that the core system will be discontinued (about time) and the premium will see a price drop.

When I was in high school getting into computers I was leaning towards Apple products, but ended up getting into the Commodore line up. After working through the Vic 20, C=64, Amiga 1000, and Amiga 1200 I had spent a lot of time in the Commodore camp. When the end came in 1994 I moved back into the PC camp but was always intrigued when someone new bought the 'Commodore' name and property rights. It has come back to the forefront now, as a UK company is launching Commodore Gaming soon which will have a launch line up of 4 'gaming' PCs.

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