Thursday, August 09, 2007

Listen to my Ultimatum.

Just got back from The Bourne Ultimatum movie. It was just what I expected, since I've seen the other two films, and it pretty neatly tied up his search for his identity.

While the action scenes were good I felt there was a little too much 'hand-held' action footage. I realize it was supposed to quick paced, and frantic but a little goes a long way. I like to be able to focus on the action in the scene, but when the camera is bobbing all over the place that makes it extremely difficult to follow.

I enjoyed the story (and resolution) though I would highly recommend watching The Bourne Supremacy right before going to see this. It played as more of a straight continuation of the story line, rather than a stand alone chapter. There are a lot of flashbacks to the other films, and I don't believe a person that hadn't seen either of the other two would be able to follow the story very well.

All in all, as a fan of the franchise it was very good, and watching the series back-to-back would be exceptional. On it's own merit though, I'm still giving my nod to Die Hard, Live Free as the best action flick so far this year.

I did get around to trying the demo for Stranglehold last night (despite the freaky thunderstorm) and was pretty impressed. The action sequences, and visuals were awesome, though I wonder if it would get too repetitive over the course of the game? I was particularly taken with using stuff in the enviroment to take out bad guys, weather it was blowing up a propane tank, or dropping a neon sign on their head. The amount of interactivity from the crates, fruit, or tables that liter the first level was great too. I don't know if I would be willing to pay full retail for this considering it comes out along side Blue Dragon, Stuntman Ignition, and Tiger Woods 08. If anything it really made me want to watch Hard Boiled.

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