Thursday, August 02, 2007

Release sink hole, podcast, and the Simpson's.

Today wasn't a good day for 360 owners Achievement Junkie has a post showing that not 1, or 2, but 3 Holiday titles were slipping from their ship dates. Medal of Honor: Airborne wasn't too bad losing just over a week (August 28-September 4), Blacksite Area 51 wasn't as lucky dropping almost 2 months (September 4-November 4), and finally Grand Theft Auto IV slipped from October till sometime in "second fiscal quarter 2008" which puts it February-April 2008. :(

Speaking of which I've been trying out some new podcast thanks to this post over at DVDTalk. The HotSpot by GameSpot plays a little like 1UpYours, Gamers with Jobs another roundtable group but so far I like it a little more than HotSpot. A great side note is they both fall earlier in the week so now I have something to listen to before Friday's 1UpYours show. I also have been enjoying Achievement Junkie, and although 360 specific (primarily) it is a daily show 15-25 minutes every weekday. Now all I need is a little better way to get them to my Zune. I'm currently using Doppler but it has some problems with redirect.mp3 files (never sees a new episode since they're all named redirect.mp3). I can work around it, but it would be nice to just hit update and snag all the new stuff.

I finally caught the the Simpson's Movie yesterday afternoon. I really enjoyed it, I've always been a Simpson's fan and the movie didn't disappoint me. I will agree with some of people I've talked to that the first 30-40 were hilarious, it does wain a little towards the end, but overall it still gets a big thumbs up!

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