Friday, January 16, 2009

Circuit City goes bye-bye, and EGM too...

Well it's official Circuit City called it quits today, according to that Yahoo story they will be closing the doors on the remaining 567 stores. Circuit City filed bankruptcy protection back in November when it closed around 155 stores claiming "Those being closed are said to be underperforming, or are no longer a strategic fit for the company." Evidently they were courting two possible buyers, but were unable to complete the sale, and were working on a liquidation plan.

While I'm not a big CC shopper, I'm sad to see that this leaves Best Buy as the only electronics/computer specialty retailer in the area. CC usually had some good 'door buster sales' to get you in the door, although I can't say I bought anything over the advertised specials usually. The silver lining is maybe the local store will have a decent 'going out of business' sale, and I can pick up some cheap games/blu-rays. :)

Last week Ziff Davis sold the 1Up Network to UGO where they promptly canceled the 1Up family of podcast (1Up Yours, Legendary Thread, Lan Party, etc.), and stopped publication of EGM (Electronic Gaming Monthly) magazine. I'll be hunting for some new podcast now to fill the void left on my Zune with something new, some of the 1Up people landed at and have started the RebelFM podcast so I'll start there.

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