Friday, January 30, 2009

We've got a winner! 3-D blood, 360 demo goodness, and other tidbits...

It seems as though I won a trip to the Call of Duty: World at War tournament finals through work. I get to visit San Diego for 3 days/2 nights, and watch the tournament finals aboard the U.S.S. Midway aircraft carrier February 27th. I've been to the San Diego airport twice, I actually got outside once on a shuttle (from one terminal to another) but that's my knowledge of the area.

I talked a friend into watching My Bloody Valentine 3D yesterday at the Warren. I was a fan of the 1981 original, and had been reading about the new version for a while. I read a couple good reviews, and have listened to a couple podcast talk positively about the new 3D version of the film, so that peaked my interest. You have to understand the last 3D films I saw were during the 1979-1984 3D fad, the likes of Friday the 13th Part 3, Jaws 3-D, Andy Warhol's Frankenstien, and Spacehunter: Adventures in the Forbidden Zone. The 2 screen Fox-Garvey theater downtown was host to all the 3D shows at the time, not to mention the 'Chop-Chop' weekends as we liked to call them when they would show 2-3 martial arts movies.

I haven't kept up on advances in 3D technology lately as I haven't seen any of the recent releases which was re-ignited by Polar Express 3D's IMAX release back in 2004. There has been a couple other animated features released in 3D, but last summer's Journey to the Center of the Earth and now My Bloody Valentine 3D are the first full length non-animated features shot in RealD Cinema. You get a set of heavy duty plastic 3D glasses to view the feature with, which were large enough to fit over eye glasses, and look like polarized sun glasses there was the faint Red/Blue tint that was noticeable when looking at the 3D glasses. Overall I didn't find them too uncomfortable, although the main feature only ran 101 minutes.
The coming soon trailers ran, then we instructed to 'Put on your 3D glasses now' screen which proceeded the Dolby Digital 3D trailer (which was freaking amazing in it's own right), then the non-3D THX trailer leading into the feature. This movie starts off with what has to be the most bloody 10 minute 'prologue' ever, if you think the first 5 minutes of Ghost Ship were gory, you haven't seen anything. Sure the film makers took every opportunity to shove something in your face, but I was really impressed at how much the rest of the movie was three dimensional, seriously, it was like looking through a window at the action taking place whether they were aerial shots of scenery, interiors of buildings, or the cramped mine tunnels. A very gory slasher flick, neatly wrapped up at the end, and open to a sequel (duh.). ***1/2

It's been quite a while since I saw the original, I don't know if it's aged well, but I will always remember it being an above average slasher flick. Lionsgate just recently put out an uncut remastered DVD of the original, I guess there were numerous cuts to original to get down to an R rating, and until recently was the only way you could see it. I need to go back and revisit the original to see how closely the remake followed the story, if at all.

The Resident Evil 5 demo finally made it to the US if you missed the Japanese release a while back. I tried it again, and still didn't make it past the chainsaw guy :( without dying. I'm still not sold on the co-op aspect as I probably won't be playing with another person, and I'm not sure how good the AI will be. Kane and Lynch supposedly sucked balls if you were not playing with a human co-op player as the AI would do stupid things during the course of the game.

The F.E.A.R. 2 Project Origins demo (single-player) was up last week also so I tried it out. It reminded me of what I liked about the first one, the opponent AI where they'll come in a room, flank you and take up positions behind cover. I haven't finished the first F.E.A.R. so I don't think I'll grab this at launch but I may pick it up down the road.

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