Saturday, April 23, 2005

Mini Movies... PSP UMD's

Well the movies on UMD are actually surprising me, I know we've sold more than I thought we would, and more companies are supporting the format. Personally I feel they're to high especially when I already own most of the DVD's. I would like to see them sell through two versions of the DVD, one regular, and one bundled with the UMD for a bit more (~$10). This of course, would only work on new releases that aren't already available on DVD, but I think I would pick up one of these over paying $15+ for just the UMD release. Anyway here are the current release dates I compiled of upcoming UMD's:

5/03 National Treasure, Hero, Reign of Fire
5/17 Spider-Man 2 (Guess for those who missed the initial PSP launch?)
5/24 Are We There Yet?, Charlies Angels
5/31 Hollow Man, Boogeyman
6/07 Terminator 2, Saw, Van Wilder, Punisher, Open Water
6/14 Spider-Man (Animated Series), Daddy Day Care, Hitch
6/21 King Arthur, Hostage, Cursed, Tron
6/28 Grudge, Anacondas
7/19 Kill Bill v.2, Armageddon, Gone in 60 Seconds, From Dusk Till Dawn

The Lion's gate releases on 6/07 are all listed as 6/24 on, but that is a Friday so I don't know which date is correct. I also read that they plan on putting out 12 titles total so there are others coming from them.

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