Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Temptation wins!

Well I give up, after playing with the PSP last weekend, I broke down and bought one. It just happens that I came across a sweet deal on a pre-owned unit that I couldn't pass up. Got pretty much everything that was in the value pack with the exception of the wrist strap, the manual, and the SONY soft case. I got a different case, extra earphones, and a UMD case so I figure it was ok.

I'm probably in the market for a new case as the Intec one I got is a only so-so. I like it better than the SONY soft case because it does have some storage room, but want to look at the logitech case that's coming out.

On the plus side there were no dead pixels! yay! Course that's pretty easy to check on a pre-owned unit. Also, I've already come to the conclusion that the 32MB stick is waaay to small. :(

Here are some sites I found for PSP formatted video downloads...
Misc. Trailers & Videos
South Park Episodes
Misc. Trailers & Videos
Older Star Wars spoof - Troops
Sony's Trailers & Videos

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steelio said...

I forgot I found a tivo thing for this PSP as well. You can extract tivo files via tivo2go and put them on the PSP.
Pretty sweet.