Saturday, April 16, 2005

PSP goodness...

Well it's been in my hands for 5 days now, and I like it. :) Of course, I'm talking about the PSP unit.

Well I think my initial views on the games was correct, there just isn't that much out there I'm dying to play. I still haven't picked up Untold Legends, trying to find a pre-played one (saving money for E3), and haven't really had a chance to look for one yet. I did try out both Lumines, and Mercury. While I enjoyed Lumines (enough to warrent a purchase at some point), Mercury left me feeling down. I wanted to like it as it shares similarities to Monkey Ball, and even Marble Madness. In the end it felt like there was too much other stuff to worry about, almost like they over complicated it. I just didn't enjoy playing it. I already own Wipeout Pure (bought because of the web browsing) and have been playing it, and found that it's quite fun (and great looking) in it's own rite. Although I'll be the first to admit I *enjoy* racing games, I do ultimately suck at them, so they usually aren't high on my wish list.

It didn't take long for the last episode of South Park to make it too the handheld (I lost the link where I found it but search for episode 904 "Kenny gets a PSP", and you'll probably find it.). I watched it last night, and thought it was really funny, I wonder what the release date for "Heaven vs. Hell" is?

I found this site makes a great PSP starting point.

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