Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Betas, demos, games, and movies...

Well I was accepted as a beta tester for GameTap. It's a broadband entertainment network, kinda reminds me of Phantom console that was supposed to come out but without the hardware. You use your PC to connect to an area of playable games, download content, and more. I guess they had a booth at E3 that somehow I missed, I do remember seeing people with GameTap shirts, but didn't see anything else.

Picked up Destroy All Humans! this weekend, finally got around to playing it yesterday and must say it's a lot of fun. You have missions to accomplish in each area, but then you can go back and roam around finding hidden objects, complete objective points, or just run around probing everything in sight. :) It's kinda like GTA, except set in the 1950's, with little grey men. The starting area is pretty big, but I guess by the time you get to the third area the map is huge. I can say this is one game where the demo sold me, I really enjoyed it, and the actual game is just as good.

Speaking of demos, I did finally download Battlefield 2 but have yet to install it and try it out. I also got in on the F.E.A.R. beta (which I guess is public now, so not really much of a feat) downloaded it over the weekend too. I need to clear off some room on my PC to try out all this stuff.

I also finally got around to playing the Darkwatch demo (XBOX) that was on the Official Xbox Magazine coverdisc a while back. It was a "expired" demo that got put on the disc, and finally found that you have to change your Xbox system date to play it (and unplug your LIVE connection if you have one!?). It's a Western themed FPS where you play a vampire looking to kill a few dead/demons. At points during the demo you can make a choice, either to do something evil or good which seems to have a impact on your special abilities, and it also features targetable areas so you can shoot off both arms, a head, etc.

I finally looking forward to some of the summer movie releases, this week Land of the Dead comes out, and next week is War of the Worlds, both of which look good. Now if I can come up with some time to watch them...

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