Thursday, June 09, 2005

DS Blues... Handheld burnout?

Well the Electric Blue Nintendo DS finally came out yesterday, and I will admit it looks pretty cool. I was never a big fan of the silver DS (or any of Nintendo's Platinum releases), but looking around on the net this morning I run across another new color (see below). Unfortunately this is another Japan release (which brings them up to 9 variations? Original, Charcoal, Turquoise, White, Pink, 2 limited edition Pokemon, Pepsi contest Blue, and now Red. Now to be fair 3 of these are limited versions, but still where's the love for the US?

Of course I would almost be just as happy with some more game releases. There were a couple of good weeks there, but I've played the E3/Japanese demos more than any game I own in the past month. Which since I bring it up I will say I really enjoyed Meteos, Trauma Center, and the Submarine tech demo was neat. I still do not understand Elektroplankten its more of a music maker than a game, just not my thing.

My Daughter got a DS for her birthday and really likes pocket Urbz. She wants Wario Ware, and is looking forward to Animal Crossing, and Nintendogs. That's where I'm at too looking forward to games on the horizon. I just haven't had much urge to play anything handheld (DS, PSP) for a while. I have been playing a bit of Guild Wars on the PC (kind of like an updated version of Diablo II in a more MMORPG setting), and also went back and dusted off Half-Life 2. The next console game I'm really looking at is Destroy All Humans, I've played the heck out of the official Xbox Magazine demo, and can't wait for the release.

Almost forgot the Red DS :)
Awesome (Japanese) Red DS

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