Saturday, December 03, 2005

360 launched again, and other tidbits.

Friday marked the European launch of the Xbox 360 which was marked with high prices, and more pre-orders than units available. Hmmm. Are we noticing a trend? has a launch article up which pretty much mirrors our own. It was reported that the European launch got 300,000 units I don't remember how this compared to ours, but that's not a lot of 360's. :( Next week Japan will see it's launch, but I wonder how many systems they'll get. Surely they know that it won't sell as well in Japan, but I predict pictures of units sitting on the shelf there.

The Mercury News blog reports that apparently some Best Buy's had overzealous managers that forced bundles on consumers during the US launch here.

I've been playing a little Mario Kart DS, and although I'm not too good in multiplayer its kinda fun. My friend code is 244873-130950 for those that want to add me to their list (post yours here in a reply so I can add you to mine). Oh, and if Miklotov happens to read this, Michelle wants your friend code if you ever get wireless hooked up. :)


Arks said...

My friend code is...

Take that and give to Michelle, too. Also, tell her that I will be back the 17th through the 3rd and to come visit me while I'm back at EB working. Oh, yeah, did I tell you I'm working there while I'm visiting heheh.

Edison said...

Yeah, I've heard. :)