Wednesday, December 14, 2005

KONG! and more Nintendo Animal wildness...

Well I used my day off to go see KING KONG today. The visual effects were awesome, a couple shots had that fake look, but overall it was stunning. On the other hand with a running time of ~3 1/2 hours I thought it ran a little long. Of course it didn't make a dent in the back log of movies I need to see. :(

I've had 4 new animals move into my town, bringing my total up to 8. I still haven't built a snowman right he's always not "proportioned" correctly. At first I though my town would be full of them because they were still there a day later, but they seem to melt away after 2~3 days. Redd was in town today, and he sold me a counterfeit painting, hopefully my insurance will pay for it.

I called Nintendo Sunday evening about my daughter's NDS, and they offered to fix it free even though it was out of warranty (Yay!). They sent out a pre-paid UPS label, and said it would take 5-7 days to be repaired.

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