Monday, December 19, 2005

TV Reality endings...

Well two of my favorite shows finished last week The Amazing Race, and Survivor. I was pleased with the outcome on TAR as I was rooting for the Linz family. It would have been okay if the Bransen's had won too, but since they all 4 have free gasoline for life how much will they save over the course of their lives? I will state frankly that if the Weaver's had won I would have boycotted the show! Not likely, but I'm sooo happy they came in 3rd. :) Plus we got teasers for the next season which starts up again in February!

Survivor on the other hand I was a little bit disappointed. I would have liked to seen Rafe win the million, but glad it did turned out that Danni won (she's from KC what's not to like) over Stephanie. I realize that the 'stunt casting' is to draw in viewers, and I do like Stephanie but you had your shot (and a worthless tribe the first go around) but move on.

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