Sunday, January 15, 2006

Attack of the 360 faceplates!

Well I had read before the 360 came out that the faceplates (normally $19.99 (Microsoft first party ones)) would probably end up being pre-order bonus items. I didn't figure this would happen too much just because of the value of the item, I mean most of the pre-order bonus items are usually pretty lame (behind the scenes DVD's, Content CD's (wallpapers, videos, etc), and posters. Some times though you get better items like T-Shirts, or soundtrack CD's.

Well it seems I misjudged the companies as this week I've heard of 2 pre-order faceplates, and one free with purchase. EB Games has Sega's Full Auto up for pre-order with bonus faceplate.

Full Auto faceplate w/pre-order

GameStop has THQ's The Outfit available for pre-order with a bonus faceplate also.

The Outfit faceplate w/pre-order

Lastly Best Buy had one advertised in today's sale ad. Purchase Call of Duty 2, and receive a free CoD2 faceplate.

Call of Duty 2 faceplate in action!

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