Saturday, January 21, 2006

Final Fantasy XI, New demos, and touching is bad!

Well I've been playing quite a bit of FFXI, but not on the PC. I've been playing the Beta for the Xbox 360 that was on a dvd in the latest Official Xbox Magazine. I started in San d'Oria again (big surprise!) and I'm currently a lvl 10 WHM. Since everyone is fairly new (the Japanese 360's came with the beta, so the earliest players were middle of December) it was hard at the beginning because there are so many low level players swarming anything that spawned. I've never seen so many people with question marks by their names running around. :) There is a lot to be said for playing in the front room on the HDTV, sitting in my easy chair.

There is a demo for BLACK by EA for the PS2. I got to try it a bit yesterday and it looks really good, I assume the Xbox version will look even better. This game is put out by EA and Criterion Games, the same force behind Burnout Revenge. There was also a demo for Star Wars : Empires at War PC available the other day on-line. I have downloaded it, but haven't got a chance to play it yet.

On a funnier note check out this video from the upcoming Resident Evil DS game. Forget what Nintendo told you, touching is can be bad!

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