Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas movie cheer, and I met a strange lady, she made me nervous.

I went to see Deck the Halls last night, as the previews and posters I had seen made it look interesting. While the movie was okay it wasn't overly funny :( or emotionally moving (either of which can make an outstanding Christmas movie). It seemed to take quite a while to get going, and if not for redeeming itself at the end I would easily give it a lower review. It did get me to thinking though about the Christmas movies I do like, and in no particular order my top 5 **** Christmas movies (meaning something I watch at least once each holiday season) would be...

Scrooged, 1988, Bill Murray

The Santa Clause, 1994, Tim Allen

The Family Man, 2000, Nicolas Cage

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation, 1989, Chevy Chase

Elf, 2003, Will Ferrell

I was in Target the other day checking out clearance items (which is something I do...) in the Men's section. There was a woman (late 20's blond... If it matters) about two racks over that looked over at me when I walked up, then walked around the rack and was standing in front of me "What size pants do you wear"? "Huh"? I replied, kinda perplexed why a woman whom I didn't know would be asking me this. She unfolds a belt she was carrying in her hand and reiterated "I was wondering what size pants you wear"? So now I figure she must be shopping for Christmas presents, but I hesitate and for a split second and think to myself do you suck in the gut, and shave the number down a bit, or just shrug it off and tell the lady the truth. Being married and old I went with the later. She explains that she doesn't understand the belt tag saying 32-34 "Does that mean the furthest hole is 32", and the closest hole would be 34 inch"? Adding "would this fit you"? I giggle (not really but it sounds good), and exclaim "No" thinking (again to myself...) high school was how long ago? I finally said that I usually pick a belt that I can fasten about in the middle of the holes that way it gives you continued use no matter which way need you go. :)

P.S. If you weren't humming Men At Work, Down Under after reading the title, shame on you.

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