Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Wii happenings, tunneling into GameStop, and Festive Saints!

I finally got my Wii cables yesterday from Nintendo (just a hint don't use 2 day UPS its about $3 higher than Ground, but I think they would have gotten here the same day). I haven't had a chance to hook them up yet today, hopefully later this afternoon. My Wii was glowing blue this morning (indicating I have a message waiting). I was happy to find the forecast Channel is now up and running! A quick update and I was checking the weather locally and overseas, it's easy to read and has quite a bit of information. I don't know how often the info is updated as my current temp, today's forecast, and tomorrow's was from 6am (about 4-5 hours ago). You also have the option of viewing weather via a globe where you can zoom in/out, and rotate all the way around using the Wiimote. It was way more fun than it should have been, and I know the conditions in Paris, Tokyo, and the South Pole. :)

More good news (hopefully) was found at Nintendo Europe which states that a beta version of the Opera browser will be available on Friday December 22nd. I'm sure hoping this is for Europe, US, and Japan but I guess we will know soon enough. A tidbit about the browser is the final version will be available in March 2007 and will be free until June 2007 after which time it will cost 500 Wiipoints ($5) to download.

I've been playing Elebits and it's pretty cool, I've only made it through the tutorial and first level but I like it. I want to try out Super Swing Golf, and hope to when I move the system downstairs and have more room. I've read some impressions on the net, and they said if you liked Hot Shots or Mario Golf then you would like this too.

If you missed it somehow big N has done a 'replacement' on the wrist straps for the Wiimote, you can go here to order replacements (limit 4 per person).

It seems some cleaver crooks decided to burrow into their local GameStop in hopes of obtaining some PS3's disappointed like everyone else looking they decided that thirteen 360's would have to do (good choice! As long as they were premium systems). I hope they picked up some games too, Hexic gets kinda old quick.

Santa Pimp HO! HO! HO!

I dug out my Saint's Row game last night because those wonderful people at Violation have given Xbox live Gold members a free download, the appropriately titled Ho, Ho, Ho pack. Which as you probably guessed let's my on screen thug dress up like Santa Claus, the pack includes the hat, jacket, pants, shoes, and hair so you can be stylin' as St. Nick! Nothing like seeing Santa run around with a assault shotgun blowing people away, and throwing the occasional grenade. I know there are thunderstorms that randomly happen during the game it would have been cool if they could have had it snow too.

Well if you still don't have your Wii or Playstation 3 sitting under the tree, there is hope according to Toys-R-Us their stores will receive thousands of Wii systems, and 6,000 PS3's this week. It's unknown how many thousands include but guessing at least 2 that's about 3 per store on the Wii's, get camping.

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