Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Digging into Lost Planet, Wii touching, and other ramblings...

I'm really liking the Lost Planet multi-player demo, although it never showed up on Xbox Live for me. Luckily EB Games got their pre-order bonus cards which enable you to download a version of the demo with an extra map available so I got it that way. I really enjoyed the single player demo that came out last May, and they polished a lot of the stuff from that release. I've put in quite a few games over the last couple of days, and must say it's a lot of fun. Check it out it you haven't yet the game finally comes out in January.

Well I broke down the other day and picked up a Wii. I had been going over the pros/cons of the system for about a week, and since I had some trade-in credit built up I went ahead and got one. I'm not hooking it up to the big TV until I can get a set of component cables (yes Nintendo people do have HD sets, and they like to use them). I got Excite Truck, and of course Wii-Sports but so far have only played Excite. Excite Truck is cool, graphically it's not going to win any awards but it is fun to play, the room it's in right now doesn't have a lot of extra space so I haven't tried Wii-Sports yet. The built in Wi-Fi access is pretty neat too (now where is my web browser...) and makes it easy to link to your friends. The 'always-on' aspect is cool although I have yet to have any Mii's join my parade. :( Post a reply with your Wiicode if you want me to add you to my friends list 5737 2086 3695 2439. Check out this story at IGN where some of those creative folks have taken a Bluetooth dongle, the Wiimote and are playing some Half-Life 2 on the PC!

I got around to some 'hands on' time with a PS3 and Resistance : Fall of Man, I will say it looks really good (on par with stuff I've seen on the 360) and it seems to have a really cool story line. It's not a system seller (although I don't think anything is @ $600) but would be the only title so far that makes me lean that way.

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