Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mummies, and free blu!

I watched The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor last week, and came away pleased. I enjoyed the first two movies, the "Rock" scorpion king spin off not so much, but anyway. If you've seen the first two you know the drill, mummy found, mummy awakens, mummy rampages, and finally mummy stopped.

This time we focus on the Emperor Han known as the "Dragon Emperor" a mean SOB that ruled with a iron fist killing all who would stand in his way, and using their bodies as the foundation of the Great Wall of China. He wants to be immortal so he enlist the help of a witch, who curses him when he kills her love interest. Overall it was a neat story, and the special effects were well done (not like some of the subpar Indiana Jones stuff) and believable. Rachel Weisz did not reprise her role as Brendon Fraser's wife (check out the wikipedia entry for conflicting reasons why...) and was replaced by Mario Bello. Jet Li, and Michelle Yeoh round out the cast (as the Emperor, and the witch) with Fraser and John Hannah returning for the third film. Overall it was fun and entertaining, if you expect anything more than a popcorn flick this probably isn't right for you.

Found out today that Hollywood Video is running a great promotion right now, FREE blu-ray rentals! Yay! Since canceling my Netflix I have only bought a few titles, but was reading on DVDTalk forums about the promo, although it seemed to be YMMV. I think I read about it Sunday night, but earlier this week was kinda hectic so I spaced it off, until I heard a commercial today on the radio. I was quite surprised, and shocked when I called the store closest to my house, and the clerk said they were participating. According to post on another forum it's a trial marketing campaign tied to the 'cheap date' promotion, but you get 1 free blu-ray rental per day, per account. I guess it's running until the end of August so I'm going to try to get 19 free rentals the rest of this month! I'll keep you posted as I watch them, trying to rent only stuff I haven't seen, wish me luck.

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