Sunday, August 17, 2008

Updates... 360, BD Rentals, and more.

I've been playing around with the Red Faction : Guerrilla beta on Xbox Live a couple times in the last two weeks. I haven't quite gelled with the controls yet, and both times I've played the same map which is kind of a drab 'canyon' base area. It always seems someone takes a jet pack, and gets to the highest point on the map then takes you out every time you spawn. It uses a ranking system like CoD4 so you gain levels, and unlock other items as you progress, unfortunately, so far it just doesn't produce that same CoD4 feeling.

In bizarre news, did you see this story (video here) a couple days ago? In St. John, Missouri a man went into an EB Games (there's still some around?) and demanded a PS3 System brandishing a gun. He informed the clerk that his family was being held hostage, and the system was the ransom to save their lives.

I've updated the items on the left side, as well as adding a Hollywood FREE Blu-ray Tally section. I've rented one a day so far (like I mentioned last time) with the standout being The Bank Job, and Good Luck Chuck a close second. There was actually quite a bit checked out this weekend so I'm hoping they get back some of the titles (guess it means a few people have blu-ray players on this side of town...) I seen earlier this week.

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