Tuesday, October 11, 2005

And it begins... and XBox 360 gets touched...

Since the GameStop/EB Games merger is complete today saw the first round of downsizing. Gamasutra is reporting here that GameStop will be closing the West Chester HQ, and related Warehouses laying off over 700 workers. :(

Microsoft is throwing a XBox 360 "hands on" junket for journalist in San Francisco, and New York. There are some "first impressions" hitting the net here, and here. Sounds like Perfect Dark Zero may be worth picking up after all, although Call of Duty 2 seems to garner mixed feelings. The footage I had seen before looked really good but one of the impressions said the textures weren't great. On another front Kotaku is also reporting that there may be demo 360 units in stores by October 24th, which would be a month before the 11/22 release.

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