Friday, October 21, 2005

Wal-mart gets 360 love...

Went to Wal-mart last night for some ice cream (Peppermint is back in season!) and wondered by the electronics dept. I couldn't figure out why there was a whole group of people down the videogame aisle looking at the display case. Come to find they were all watching a kid play Call of Duty on a Xbox 360 display, that was sitting on a shelf just behind the glass. They are using what looks to be a 20" HD widescreen lcd for the monitor, so I'm assuming it was running in at least 720p. Call of Duty looked really good, but definitely had some clipping issues as the soldier on a balcony kept having the gun or parts of his body show through. I was relieved a bit when I seen the static image on the screen that stated "Call of Duty - Prerelease version" so maybe there is a chance they will polish it some more. The clerk behind the photo center adjacent to the aisle said that there were only two stores in Wichita that had the units set up so far (Pawnee & Broadway, and 21st & Maize I believe). I came home to find that evidently this is widespread and Kotaku has some pictures, and videos up, evidently there is also a demo of Kameo on the unit. I would have taken some pictures last night but my phone was at home charging.

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