Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Gamestop cometh... Xbox 360 news and DS luv.

I was out driving around the 'hood, and seen that the building where GameStop was going in was up. Imagine my surprise when I went around the corner and the GameStop sign was already up! I especially like the "And Movies Too" part. I wonder if that's new or if some of the other more recent stores are like that?

edit: I was informed that is the same as the store in El Dorado (never been there so that explains my lack of knowledge). I guess the "And Movies Too" is based on a larger floor plan than the regular GameStop's.

There is a Microsoft Conference going on called X05 in Europe (Amsterdam to be specific) and some tidbits have emerged... There will be a playable Halo character in Dead or Alive 4, Peter Jackson (King Kong) will produce the Halo movie, and there may only be 3 first party titles available in the launch window (read probably before Christmas). Evidently we will only see Kameo, Perfect Dark Zero (both by Rare), and Project Gotham Racing 3 (from Bizarre Creations) released by Microsoft Games. There were some other new titles announced that you can read about at GameFaction in this article.

Two new games came out today for the Nintendo DS the latest Castlevania, and one I'm looking forward to Trauma Center - Under the Knife. :)

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