Saturday, October 01, 2005

Nintendo is Colorific... Movies, and more.

Well if you didn't know Nintendo just released the GBA Micro (look at the archives for my feelings on the subject), and quietly released updated versions of the GBA SP also. These new versions are backlit (instead of frontlit like the older units) like the new Micro. Below is a shot from an article at IGN showing the differences between all the units (original GBA SP left, New backlit SP right, and Micro bottom).

Anyhow big N released the newer SP's in graphite, and pearl blue, and to my surprise today there is also a Spongebob yellow one. :P Seems Toys'R'Us got an exclusive version of the new SP. I tried to get my wife to spring for one saying that the 15th anniversary gift was supposed to be portable electronics, but she didn't buy that. :(

I heard today also that big N plans on releasing a Red/Silver version of the DS system packaged with Mario Kart DS this holiday season, but I forgot to see if he had any pictures of it.

I forgot to mention the other day that I watched two movies again. History of Violence (which is, yep you guessed it very violent), and Into the Blue. While I liked History it seemed to run a little short, and I would have liked a little more 'story'. Into the Blue surprised me. I figured it would be a cheesy action flick with nice scenery (Jessica Alba :P) which it was, but it had some great Bahamas scenery as well. The story wasn't bad, and there was some gore (shark bite) that I felt was pushing PG-13. Like last time they were both worth watching, but I felt that I enjoyed Blue more.

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