Sunday, January 21, 2007

Golden software shower, 1UP, and MLB 2k7 lookin' good!

A lot of 'gone gold' announcements this week with Crackdown (360), Supreme Commander, and Vanguard : Saga of Hereos (both PC) being some of them. Crackdown demo has been announced for Tuesday next week on the marketplace so we will soon see if it is any good. I did download the Battlestations : Midway demo last week, and have played a couple multiplayer matches (the only available option). The cycling between units is kinda cool, but overall I just didn't enjoy it. It's slipped off my radar unless I hear some really good things about it, or it drops to $20.

Check out the 1UP Show site and check out the latest video podcast (episode 501, 1/19/07). It covers The Crossing (PC) which looks really good, Phoenix Wright 2, Calling all Cars, and a segment on Crackdown. I've watched the last 3-4 episodes (the WMV version streams to the 360 nice!) and since I've listened to the 1UP Yours podcast for quite a while it was interesting to put faces with the voices. None of them looked anything like the pictures in my head. :)

Xbox360fanboy tipped me off that IGN has posted some incredible looking screenshots from 2K Sports upcoming MLB 2K7 for the 360. I also tracked down the MLB 2K7 'Big Game' trailer at, check it out. I'm not a big baseball fan and don't buy the games, but it looks gorgeous!

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