Sunday, January 28, 2007

Vista looms... Crack-down baby and new tv shows ahoy!

Well looking at the Sunday ads today I couldn't help notice one thing, I believe that Microsoft's Vista OS comes out on Tuesday. Yes indeed I've never seen so much MS advertisement at one time (even when the 360 was new!) and found that I can get it at midnight Monday @ CompUSA! I wonder if I had to have it pre-ordered? :) 4 different versions, 8 separate skus wow MS doesn't do anything half-assed do they? This of course is not including Best Buy's advertised Bill Gates Autographed Vista Ultimate Upgrade Limited Edition (no joke, I couldn't make this stuff up).

Fearing that my puny human system wasn't up for the task, I thought just for fun I would run the Vista Upgrade Advisor to see how dire my situation was. Really according to it I'm not too bad off the 2 glaring red X's before installation were, my hard drive is too skinny (just wanted some extra space), and one of my programs (cd burning software) evidently doesn't play nice with Vista. After installation Vista say it would run with 512 MB of ram, but it really would like more, and 6 of my programs may have 'minor compatibility' problems (funny enough because 2 of them were MS products...). This of course just said I could run it, not specifying if I would enjoy running it. :)

I'm really in need of an upgrade anyway, Supreme Commander comes out February 20th and they haven't released specs yet but judging from the comments on the 1UPYours show to run nice is going to take a powerhouse. This of course does not include other upcoming titles like Command & Conquer 3, S.T.A.L.K.E.R Shadow of Chernobyl, or Hellgate : London...

I did download the Crackdown demo the other day/night/day (took forever) and finally got around to checking it out Friday night. It's Saint's Row & Spiderman 2 melded together, a free roaming cel shaded wonderland. Okay that might be a bit over the top, but I did enjoy the time I spent with it. It won't replace Saint's but with the superhero abilities it made it fun just to run (and jump) around, the problem I have is it doesn't grab me as a $60 title. I heard both sides of the fence as people at work have either loved it or hated it, doesn't seem to be a lot of middle ground, and I had someone today tell me that the Co-op was extremely fun and I haven't tried it yet. Will it sell millions of copies (with the Halo 3 beta dangler) hell yes, if they hadn't tacked it on maybe not so much.

I've updated the sidebar because TV shows are back in season (finally) with some of my favorites starting new seasons Monk, and Psyched. While some of my other faves that were dormant over the holiday seasons are trickling back like Heroes, Supernatural, How I Met Your Mother, and Lost (someday in Feb hopefully). Plus there is a new Amazing Race coming up quick, although to my dismay looks to be another 'All Stars' race. I'm sorry but Rob & Amber were kinda cool in Survivor, less stellar in the first All Stars AR, and now I just don't care. Most of the teams they brought back are in that same boat, some of them may have been fun to watch but I'm glad most of them didn't win (the first time). I did like Uchenna & Joyce a lot the first time around, but they did win, do you really need to offer them another million??

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