Saturday, January 27, 2007

Movie Time (Oscar nominees, BAM!) , and news to Wii.

Caught a couple movies on my day off, it's been a while since I saw anything at the theater Night at the Museum being the last. I had a 'sneak' pass for Catch and Release the romantic/comedy starring Jennifer Garner as a girl whose fiancee has just passed away, and she falls for one of his friends. Despite also starring Kevin Smith (Silent Bob talks!) the punch lines were too far apart and it never elevated to a light fluffy film, it was kinda dark, and even after his death she just kept getting dumped on. I really enjoy romantic comedies, but this one missed by a mile, hopefully it won't last long so guys don't get suckered in for Valentine's day.

I also watched Curse of the Golden Flower which I'd never heard of before I saw it in the movie time listing. It turns out it was Oscar nominated (more on that farther down...) for "Best Costume Design", and I went in thinking it was going be along the lines of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. Well, no. Turns out it was waaay more drama than chop chop, there were a couple good fight scenes scattered among a period drama featuring the most screwed up family ever. Mothers sleeping with sons, brothers and sisters doin' it, dad trying to drive mom crazy all in a multi colored neon bright forbidden city in China. All that being said judging from their Oscar competition they probably hands down won that category.

That's brings us to the Oscar nods, haven't been keeping up on my movie news (not working at a theater will do that...), so I was surprised to find the nominations had came out Tuesday. This years Best picture category includes some real winners . If you know me, then you know that my taste in movies does not reflect the academy's views most of the time. I used to be able to say that if a movie had won best picture, I probably had not seen it, but there was a run in the late 80's and late 90's where I actually had seen the best picture. Checking out this best picture list it seems since 1927-2006 there have been 78 best pictures, I've seen 10 (not quite 8%). Unless The Departed wins this year (which I doubt, because I enjoyed it.) that percentage will fall a little more. I do enjoy watching the nominated shorts (live action/animated) and have now for the last 8-10 years because I usually do agree with those winners. If you didn't know the public library here in doodah shows them after they are announced a couple times (also including the short documentary category), then 4-5 times with just the live action/animated usually at the branches. This years first showing of nominees will be February 24th @ 10 a.m. (the only time you can see them before the awards on Sunday night (2/25).

I came home Friday night after work to find the blue light of love glowing on my Wii. Nintendo had rolled out the news channel and after a quick update, it was available from the dashboard (what does Nintendo call it?). I played with it for a while, looks okay but I think after the new wears off it will be neglected like my weather channel. If they only update every 6 hours like the weather channel, it really cuts down on its usefulness I've found.

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