Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Try a sampling (sooner or later), and B-Ball defeat.

Good news! According to Battlestations: Midway is getting a demo tomorrow on Xbox Live. I had dismissed this game early on thinking it was just another WWII based Blazing Angels type airplane game. It came to my attention that it actually allows you to play from multiple vantage points you can control submarines, other navel units, or aircraft from the 'drivers' seat or take an overall commander stance. Looking forward to the demo now for a little hands on, check out video for an 8 min in game preview.

360fanboy also posted a couple days ago that the Crackdown demo (which had been targeted for the 18th for a while) was not going to make it up by then. Seems certification is taking longer than expected although they say it will be up by the end of the month. This is another title that I dismissed after seeing early screenshots and video, but with all the praise the guys at 1UPYours podcast have been dishing lately it's another one I'm itching to play.

My daughter tried out, and got on the Curtis girls basketball team. After about 2 weeks of practice they had their first game tonight. I'm sorry to say that the Lady Storm outplayed the Lady Falcons and won 40 to 23 at Stuckey middle school tonight.

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