Monday, January 08, 2007

Here comes CES... Microsoft, HD DVD & Blu-ray touching each other, and oiling the GEARS.

CES runs this week (8-11) in Las Vegas, and a lot of the press conferences were held yesterday. Microsoft announced the 360 would be supporting Microsoft's IPTV in Holiday 2007 allowing you to use your 360 to watch, and record television via a broadband connection. I found this page that has a video up of carbon (Microsoft's code name?) in action.

No mention however of the Xbox 360 v2.0 (even though there was picture & video proof of a modified developer unit) that was supposed to include an HDMI port, and that mythical larger hard drive (this time 120GB).

LG Electronics announced the first HD/Blu-ray combo player, streeting in early February for $1,199. (an Australian videogame site) broke the news that this week (Jan. 10th) there will be 2 new multiplayer maps for Gears of War Raven Down, and Old Bones. The best news is these are sponsored by Discovery channels Gamer Generation show so they will be free!

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