Friday, July 01, 2005

Movies, XM, and more...

Well I finally got around to seeing Star Wars : Episode III and it didn't dissapoint. I really liked all the little details to tie it into Episode IV, plus it had quite a bit of action which doesn't hurt. By no means the best of the series, but far better than Episodes I, and II.

I also watched War of the Worlds Tuesday night, and it wasn't bad either. The special effects were excellent, and it did not seem to drag along. I don't recall seeing the original version in full, but I recall bits and pieces of it. I know its playing in town Saturday night, and it might be on my to do list.

I finally got my free XM Roady 2 Radio (from a JCPenny promotion about 2 1/2 months ago). I've had it since Wednesday and so far it's awesome. I haven't spent long enough periods in the truck to try out all the stations, but have found a couple of favorites. I won't say it's the greatest thing since sliced bread although it could be close.

The DVR was the last piece of equipment I got that truely blew me away. Does not matter if you buy a Replay, TiVo, or whatever. That little box changed the way I watch TV period. I just commented yesterday to a friend who had joined the DVR ranks to say goodbye to his VCR, and he said he had already unhooked it. I don't see the XM radio in this light yet, but it's really growing on me. I haven't had the car stereo tuned in since I got it. There are just so many options, and truthfully I haven't listened to 85% of the channels yet. Now probably 10% of those I will *never* listen too, but you get the idea.

There has been more hacking on the PSP front. Last week they got homebrew (emulators) to run on v1.50 models (which is the default release here in the states, unless you upgraded wirelessly...). Now they have written a boot loader that allows Lumines to run off a memory stick. Right now there is no sound, but originally it required any UMD to be in the drive. They have already released an update which doesn't require a UMD so the sound can't be far off. It was enough of an insentive I got off my ass and bought a 512 MB stick. :)