Monday, April 21, 2008

Another nerd moment fullfilled...

Not content with the Fry's yesterday, I went back to the 'South' Houston location today. It still doesn't have a 'theme' but I noticed it's definately more upsale looking with marble accents and vaulted ceilings. Picked up a few HD DVD's that they were out of at the other location, and one really cheap Blu-ray.

On a side note I stopped at the scariest Gamestop ever. :(

Sunday, April 20, 2008

3 states 10 hours, redbox envy, and my nerd mecca...

Well since 5:30am this morning I've started in Kansas, went all the way through Oklahoma, and ended up in Houston, TX. Looking forward to hitting Arkansas, and Missouri tomorrow. :)

This is how 7-11 competes against McDonalds redbox accross the street in Oklahoma, I guess if people are saving that .01 they're happy?

My nerd mecca visited again...

Hit the one on the outskirts of Houston (not the same one from last trip) and it actually has a 'theme' like the one in California (the 50's sci-fi store), this one was an 'oil well' complete with oil derricks and working pumps inside. Snagged a copy of Untold Legends for my PS3 on clearence, unfortunately was dissapointed by the HD DVD 'sale' prices, and utter lack of cheap Blu-ray discs.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Clearing out the cobwebs, updates galore, and I <3 PS3!

Wow it's been over a month, when I think about something to write down I need to get off my arse and just do it. I need to set a schedule and put something up once a week even if nothings going on, we'll see how well that works out. :)

Let's see where to start... I have seen one (count 'em 1) new theatrical movie in the last month. I caught Doomsday about a week after it came out, and was pleasantly surprised, it was like a cross between Mad Max, Escape from New York and Resident Evil.

I had heard some praise on the 1UpYours podcast, and read a couple forum post that were positive so I paid my hard earned money (I'm having theatrical withdrawal now that I don't know anyone that works at Northrock anymore) down on the cheapest show I could find, a $4.25 matinee. Luckily I wasn't disappointed at all it's not so much a zombie flick as it leans a lot more on a 'post-apocalyptic' wasteland theme. While there are some good gory chunks I wouldn't classify this a horror film the 'infected' are just a means to propel the story at the beginning. *** Great action adventure flick.

I had started playing Lord of the Rings Online a while back, because I was getting WoW burnout, and really enjoyed some of the differences I picked up on in LotRO. First off the graphics are gorgeous, not cartoon-y at all like WoW the environments look great as do the spell effects. Secondly the story line (I'm not a big LotR fan) wasn't bad and moved the character leveling through really well. It seems to be mostly a solo affair, with certain 'fellowship' (read: group) quest pretty far in between (I believe I've had two so far up to level 13). On the downside though LotRO doesn't like Vista very much, it runs good, but the hoops I had to go through to get it started were really starting to tick me off.

Then something worse happened WoW put out an update/patch (2.4) that spiked my interest, I made it past my Shaman's leveling deficiency (finally got past a stupid quest I couldn't beat), did an instance (a couple times) with my main and remembered how fun it could be. Where does this leave LotRO? It was a 60 day 'trial' and since I'm still paying for WoW at the end of trial it will probably go away. I'd like to progress up to ~20 or so before that happens but who knows.

A couple interesting things that I think are worth a read, Wiimorse from the Escapist almost mirrors my feelings on the Wii (but evidently I didn't learn anything the first time so now I'm on my 2nd one).

I've changed the section over the left hand edge that was 'Latest Additions (ZUNE)' to 'What I'm hearing (Podcast)' since I don't remember the last music I transferred to my Zune, but I do listen to a wad of Podcast every week. They'll probably be pretty stagnant because they don't change too often. I'll start you off with a short blurb about each one.

1UpYours - Probably the second oldest show I listen to, and have for quite a while. There has been at least 3 big cast changes since I started listening although it hasn't suffered too much because of it. This one covers consoles, handhelds, and pc gaming and every once in a while a tv show or movie will makes it way in. Comes out weekly on Fridays.

DualScreen Radio - The oldest show I listen to, sometimes... (more on that later). This one is two guys talking about DS Games, DS hardware, DS home brew, well you get the picture. The last 2-3 episodes some Wii talk has infiltrated the show, but he mentioned on the last show they were trying to shy away from that. This originally was every 2 weeks when I started listening, but one them moved across the U.S. his wife had a baby, and now we're lucky to get one show every 2-3-? months. It's still in my list so whenever a new one pops up I get it.

Gamespot presents the Hotspot - Like 1Up a group of guys that sit around and talk video games and other stuff. This one hits late Tuesday/Wednesday.

Gamers with Jobs podcast - Another foursome of guys, seemingly more mature than 1Up/Hotspot, these guys are closer to my age. Sometimes they bicker, but there always fun to listen to. This one covers console (360/PS3) and a lot more PC, but not to much on the handhelds. They have had quite a few developers come on and do interviews including a guy from Turbine that got my LotRO interest peaked. This is another Tuesday/Wednesday release.

Team Freemont Live - the self proclaimed 'drunken gamers' three guys sitting around talking bs about games. :) This one was actually mentioned on a Gamers with Jobs podcast and I've been listening ever since. Heavy console focus, and a generous heaping of retro, I don't think I've every heard anything PC related. They also have had a few industry interview segments here and there. This one is usually a Sunday/Monday release.

Games for Windows podcast - This was the companion to the Games for Windows magazine which went kaput as of the April/May issue. As you may have guessed this one focuses on PC gaming, although they have went off on some weird tangents from time to time. Supposedly the podcast is sticking around because the listeners said it was more popular than the print magazine, which they weren't to happy about last episode. Hopefully it will keep up the way it is, or become even better if they put more time into it. Used to be a Tuesday/Wednesday but the last couple have hit Sunday/Monday.

Broadcast Gamer - This is another one that was a recommendation on a different podcast. It had already 'died', but they put out a Christmas special episode that was getting raves so I listened and liked what I heard. I left it in my subscription list, and was graced with a valentines special episode as well, to my surprise this week it's back and evidently M.C. Wilson is going to make another go of it. The original co-host is gone, but this episode was decent enough, he covers Console/PC/Handheld so something for everyone. I seem to remember he said he was going to try weekly show in the future so it's wait and see.

Achievement Junkie - This used to be a daily (Mon-Fri) ~10 minute show when I first got hooked on it, the host have moved to Seattle and one now works for Microsoft, oh and maybe I forgot to mention that this one is strictly 360 related. There have been some format changes and now it's a ~30 minute show once a week on Wednesdays, you can also check out Nelson and Natalie in video form on your 360 dashboard every Monday (that flashing orange newspaper icon on the main page) in a segment called Pick up and Play.

The screwy tv season has really messed with me, getting half my episodes on some shows, not starting at all for others all because of a stupid writers strike. Luckily its over and most of my regulars have come back (except those that had already finished their runs Chuck, Journey Man, etc.) last couple weeks (Big Bang Theory, C.S.I. xxxx, etc.), this week (Bones), or next week (LOST). I even got a new one thrown in for good measure, I watched the 9 episode run of New Amsterdam and really liked it, I hope it gets picked up for a full season this fall.

My blu-ray collection had hit 17 titles, I came across a used 60GB PS3, and the lack of HD DVD software on the horizon came together like a lightning strike. So after eBaying some of my finer 'pile of shame' titles, and a HALO edition Xbox I was still a few bucks light. After a few last minute trade-ins last week I finally found myself to be the proud owner of the fore mentioned PS3 unit.

I dug out my memory stick pro duo and copied over my Resistance Fall of Man save (circa January 2007) file, after a game patch I was playing some multi-player RFoM again. My first blu-ray through it was Pirates of the Caribbean At Worlds End which I hadn't seen before, it looked really good, the story was eh. I think they've went downhill from the first one so I'm probably not the best critic.