Friday, January 27, 2006

More FFXI, new HD channel, and the DS goes on a diet!

Well I'm still playing quite a bit of the FFXI 360 beta, and really enjoying it. Now I'm also paying the fee to play on the PC which I haven't touched for at least a month and a half. :( I will probably end up playing my account on the 360 once the final game is released. Supposedly the Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion will be included with the Xbox 360 version on April 18th (the PC/PS2 expansion will be available that same day). I'm guessing they'll release the 360 version for $59.99 with all of the expansions that's not too bad. I figure ToAU will sell for $29.99 by itself (like Chains did when it was released). I've been reading about the special fan festival that Square is throwing, and they've updated the giveaways section with the "gobbie bag" everyone gets, plus everyone attending will get a "Moggle Rod" in game item. I'm sorry but it just looks cool, no one knows what "power" it will have though.

It's the MOOGLE Rod!

Cox added another HD channel to their digital cable line up last week, Music HD which is High Def music, and specials. It seems to pull content from MTV, VH1, and CMT, but it all looks great. On the other hand, a lot of the content is only Dolby Digital 2.0? What's up with that? With how many DVD concerts and music videos that there are you would think everything would be in 5.1.

Well Nintendo finally came through on the Nintendo DS redesign (albeit about two weeks later than the 16th...). Seems like those of you who just got a DS are about to feel short changed, not much is known about the new unit other than what people can gather from the product shots (which supposedly not final).

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Final Fantasy XI, New demos, and touching is bad!

Well I've been playing quite a bit of FFXI, but not on the PC. I've been playing the Beta for the Xbox 360 that was on a dvd in the latest Official Xbox Magazine. I started in San d'Oria again (big surprise!) and I'm currently a lvl 10 WHM. Since everyone is fairly new (the Japanese 360's came with the beta, so the earliest players were middle of December) it was hard at the beginning because there are so many low level players swarming anything that spawned. I've never seen so many people with question marks by their names running around. :) There is a lot to be said for playing in the front room on the HDTV, sitting in my easy chair.

There is a demo for BLACK by EA for the PS2. I got to try it a bit yesterday and it looks really good, I assume the Xbox version will look even better. This game is put out by EA and Criterion Games, the same force behind Burnout Revenge. There was also a demo for Star Wars : Empires at War PC available the other day on-line. I have downloaded it, but haven't got a chance to play it yet.

On a funnier note check out this video from the upcoming Resident Evil DS game. Forget what Nintendo told you, touching is can be bad!

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Attack of the 360 faceplates!

Well I had read before the 360 came out that the faceplates (normally $19.99 (Microsoft first party ones)) would probably end up being pre-order bonus items. I didn't figure this would happen too much just because of the value of the item, I mean most of the pre-order bonus items are usually pretty lame (behind the scenes DVD's, Content CD's (wallpapers, videos, etc), and posters. Some times though you get better items like T-Shirts, or soundtrack CD's.

Well it seems I misjudged the companies as this week I've heard of 2 pre-order faceplates, and one free with purchase. EB Games has Sega's Full Auto up for pre-order with bonus faceplate.

Full Auto faceplate w/pre-order

GameStop has THQ's The Outfit available for pre-order with a bonus faceplate also.

The Outfit faceplate w/pre-order

Lastly Best Buy had one advertised in today's sale ad. Purchase Call of Duty 2, and receive a free CoD2 faceplate.

Call of Duty 2 faceplate in action!

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Xbox 360 luvin, Suikoden ipod's, and more.

I just ran across this post on the XBox 360 forums. Short version someone went to Japan on vacation, and snapped some pictures. He came home and put up some comparison shots between the real areas, and the same area in Microsoft's Project Gotham Racing 3 for the Xbox 360. All I can say is WOW, take a look at the link above for all the shots.


Some other screen luv from EA's Battlefield 2:Modern Combat

Battlefield 2:Modern Combat screen
Battlefield 2:Modern Combat screen

Evidently Mad Catz has announced NFL 360 faceplates are coming. I may actually spring for a KC Chiefs one.

New England Patriots Xbox 360 faceplate

In what has to be one of the strangest pre-order cross promotion items ever, has a white 4GB Ipod Nano to commerate the launch of Genso Suikoden 1 & 2 on the Sony PSP. It comes with special headphones, case, and of course the Ipod itself. On the plus side it would only set you back about $304.00. :)

There are a bunch of "rumors" floating around that Nintendo will announce a redesigned DS on January 16th. Supposedly sleaker/smaller, and with VoIP (Voice over IP) service built-in. Maybe you'll be able to call your friends while your sitting at McDonald's now. Whatever is announced we should know next Monday.

Also supposedly if you log into Nintendo WFC today through Animal Crossing you'll get a New Year's gift/letter from Nintendo's President Saturo Iwata. All you should have to do is go talk to Cooper, and have him open the gates (ie. connect to Nintendo WiFi) and then go back to your house to get the letter.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

New Year, new post!

Well it's a brand new year, happy 2006 everyone. Where to start, hmmm. Work was really kinda hectic the last couple weeks, I remembered why Christmas sucked in retail. :) But, it's all good as its over now and we're settling back to normal.

Xbox 360 demos a plenty
I'm really starting to like the LIVE marketplace (I think I mentioned that before) as they just keep adding new downloads. They added a demo for Condemned, then Quake 4, and just today they added one for Fight Night Round 3 (not that I care about the boxing game, but it's still cool). I would like to see one for Dead or Alive 4 soon, to see how it looks. I tried out the Quake 4 demo tonight and it looks really pretty, I've read bad things about the framerate from various sources though. They make take place later in the game, or maybe in multiplayer which I didn't try yet.

More news as Square-Enix announced that the February issue of Official Xbox Magazine will indeed include the Final Fantasy XI 360 beta. I'm looking forward to playing some FFXI on my widescreen TV, and will probably pick up a USB keyboard to see if that works with it. We should know soon as I think the issue is supposed to hit stands on January 17th, and subscribers may get it before that. It would also be cool if it would support voice chat during gameplay, but I've heard conflicting reports on that. Here's a glimpse at what the DVD should look like...

Final Fantasy XI 360 Beta disc

Animal Crossing DS tidbits...
Okay I've been playing for quite a while now and enjoy it a lot. I joined in for the New Year's countdown celebration, which was cool. I enjoyed the fireworks, and the lights on trees in town. There was no Christmas celebration as evidently Christmas is not PC anymore, so it was removed along with some other holidays in the DS version.

I've collected all of the Snowman furniture so I'm not as obsessed with that now. I've been using the snowballs to lure dung beetles out as they sell for 800 bells to Nook, I'm still trying to catch a pill bug though.

I'm getting better at shooting packages down out of the sky, I think I've done 5-6 now. I know I have to get 15 then should get the golden slingshot. I also "caught" my first shooting star the other night. When you hear it whoosh across the screen you have to hit A, then it will kinda brighten up and sparkle. The next day you will get a present in the mail from Star.

Lastly I got my first resident picture the other day (Bella). I guess when you and an animal become "bestest ***dies" they will grace you with a picture of themselves. I hear they raise your HRA score greatly if placed in your house.

Kansas City!
Ok first off a big thank you to the Broncos for smacking the Chargers (sorry Jason) and keeping our playoff hopes alive! Then a big #%$!&* to the Steelers for spanking the Colts (Whoops! my bad.) Lions to kill them off. :( On a happy note I did finally tie for the win on the last regular season week in the football pool I'm in. :)

Week 1st: Edison, K-Statecat 11 Wins

Not great but hey it's the first time this season I've come out on top.