Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Another year in the can, and DSi Geritol edition!

Celebrated another birthday this week, yeah "old" me! I guess I'm getting closer to needing that DSi LL or the DSi Geritol edition, as I call it. The Japanese launch went off successfully with the DSi XL (their moniker) outselling the PSPGo (well duh.).

Japanese DSi Geritol edition
"Gertrude proudly display's her new DSi XL. She says that she couldn't have bought it on her fixed income, if not for the AARP coupon, and of course her Hoveround!"

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Incoming Transmission......

Sorry about the last entry, I found that I could update the blog via my cell, but didn't realize there was a 140 character limit. :( The general gist of the entry was that Zombieland was amazing. October was a full month since I worked my seasonal job at the Halloween attraction again. We weren't open as many nights this year but it did fill up my weekends. I'm a little less tied up now so I figured it was time to update the blog with current stuff.

Let's start with PC games. I picked up Trine when it hit retail back in early September. I'd heard about it back when it was released on Steam in early July when various podcast were praising it. It was slated to be on PSN, and the 360 marketplace as well, but the PSN date kept getting pushed back further, and further while the 360 disappeared all together. Trine is a platform/adventure game with physics where you control one of three characters the Thief, Knight, or Wizard switching at will to overcome enemies and obstacles in the levels. It has since finally come out on PSN, but plays extremely well on the PC with my 360 wired controller, and looks gorgeous.

The other PC title I grabbed was Torchlight a Diablo clone, not at all surprising since it comes from the designers behind Diablo 1, Diablo 2, Fate, and Mythos. If you take the play style of Diablo, follow the graphic style of WoW, add a pet and you have Torchlight. It's amazing how much it feels like Diablo while playing I even think the music sounds similar while wandering around in the mine. The developers are supposedly now working on an MMO version of Torchlight that is supposed to be done in 24 months.

Console wise I finally opened Fallout 3 about 3 weeks ago, and started playing only to throw away the first 4 hours of play to start over the next day. I am probably now about 12 hours in and haven't even made it out of the first town you come to outside the vault. I'm enjoying the 'atmosphere' a lot more than I did in Oblivion so I think that's why its more approachable. I also picked up Midnight Club L.A. complete edition because I really wanted to drive a Dodge Charger/Challenger around, but they are high dollar cars in game, and me and racing games don't mesh well.

I also picked up a couple demos Left 4 Dead 2 on 360 which I've already played through at a show a couple months ago. It's L4D with new people and some new enemies. I'm not all that enamored with it, but that could be because I picked up the first one and still have only 1 chapter completed. I'll take this opportunity to say Co-op sucks, I don't like pick up groups (you never can guarantee a good experience) and everyone else on my friends list isn't playing anymore. This is probably why most of my MMO gaming was always solo too, and why I won't be picking up Borderlands because I've heard single player is pretty dull.

I also grabbed the God of War III demo, and Bayonetta demo for the PS3 system. GoW III is actually pretty cool even though I haven't played any of the others in the series. I have pre-ordered the God of War 1 & 2 collection for the PS3 both games upgraded to 720p on one blu-ray so I'm hoping I like them. Bayonetta is pretty neat it's just that I've never been a fan of the Devil May Cry gameplay style so I don't think I'll be getting this one either.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 comes out next Tuesday so I won't be playing much at all except that if it follows CoD 4 lead.

Black Friday is creeping up on us, and some of the ads have already leaked. K-mart has a few good games for $20 off, and a few $8.99 blu-rays. Wal-mart already has an ad posted for Saturday Nov. 7 only including a 360 arcade for $199.99 and you get a $100 gift card with purchase. That's a pretty good deal if your in the market for a newer version of the console, or a Christmas gift. I'll keep tabs on the Black Friday deals, although last year Amazon price matched all of the blu-ray/game sales so I didn't have to fight the crowds, hopefully they do the same this year.